Heat H. Robot Wars 99



Thanks to the teams for allowing us to take the following images.

The back end of Robogeddon.
The motor and castor are 'gone' but the electronics
were above the teeth of Hypno-Disc.
Robogeddons lifting arm was bent by the impacts.
Constructed from 1"x 1/2" steel.
Dave takes a grilling from 'Ginge' after the battle. Will, we owe you, for what we did.

The Beserk 2 shell stood up well to all we threw at it. Although we did manage to cut through the 4mm polycarbonate
outer skin and in through the 3mm aluminium body panel.

A close up of the gashes on the rear of Bezerk 2.
The disc showing signs of the Beserk2 axe OUCH,
Sgt Bash got us at the end of our battle with Berserk
We were suffering control 'blackouts' and stopped in
Bash's CPZ. It took 4 hours to strip and repair
Hypno-Disc. We very nearly retired due to lack of
time, spares, man power, Derek going to America,
cold tea, no sleep, empty wallet.......
But Phillipa persuaded us to 'dig deep', well who
would say no ?



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