Our audition was on Sunday 30th May at 5.45

At the Robot Wars 99 audition we performed the set driving test.
As we have a unique weapon on our robot, nothing like it has ever been seen on RW before, we were allowed to test the weapon too.

Matt Irvine, Derek Foxwell and the camera crew came over to watch.
The question on their minds was "is this 'whirly gig' going to be as dangerous as a wet blanket ?"
Hypno-Disc spun up to about half speed (300 RPM) and approached the stack of 3 blocks slowly at about 0.5 mph.
No noise could be heard or any other indication of the power that was about to be un-leashed from the spinning disc.

The bottom two blocks took the brunt of the impact from the single horizontal tooth. They were thrown forward about 5 feet. The top half-block then fell down and was smashed by the vertical tooth. This block was thrown about 20 feet towards the ramp. The disc didn't seem to appreciably slow down. All the block suffered deep gouges with just one hit.

The stored energy in the disc is obviously devestating. ( 2.3 K Joules )

The debris had to be swept from the test area before the next robot entered !


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